What is Metrotile’s Delivery Policy?

Although we make all reasonable efforts to effect delivery in accordance with prearranged dates, such dates are estimates only and time shall not be of the essence.

In unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control such as a pandemic or extreme weather conditions, our upmost priority will remain to make the reasonable effort to fulfil our obligations to deliver as expeditiously as possible given the prevailing circumstances.

When possible, we will promptly inform affected parties, offering transparent communication regarding the situation and strive to mitigate the delays wherever feasible.

If we fail to deliver within a reasonable time, you may (by informing us in writing) cancel the contract, however:

  • you may not cancel if we receive your notice after the goods have been dispatched; and
  • if you cancel the contract, you can have no further claim against us under that contract.

If you accept delivery of the goods after the estimated delivery time, it will be on the basis that you have no claim against us for delay (including indirect or consequential loss, or increase in the price of the goods).

If for any reason you fail to accept delivery of any goods when they are ready for delivery, or we are unable to deliver the goods because you have not provided adequate instructions, or if you do not collect the goods by the date we give for collection, we may:

  • treat the goods as having been delivered on that day (for the purposes of risk, inspection and payment); and charge you for the storage or redelivery of those goods.

We may deliver the goods in instalments.  Each instalment is treated as a separate contract.

We may decline to deliver if: we believe that it would be unsafe, unlawful or unreasonably difficult to do so; or the premises (or the access to them) are unsuitable for our vehicle.

You must provide appropriate equipment and manual labour for unloading the goods at the delivery point.  If our delivery vehicle is kept waiting for an unreasonable amount of time, is obliged to return without completing delivery or if we provide additional staff to unload goods an additional charge will be made.

If you are collecting goods from us you are responsible for the size, weight and positioning of any load on your vehicle and must ensure that your vehicle is sufficiently equipped to enable safe loading.

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