CE Mark & Declarations - Metrotile Knowledgebase

From July 2013, CE MARKING of construction products covered by Harmonised European Standards is mandatory. Manufacturers of building materials must put in place a Declaration of Performance and affix the CE mark if they are subject to the new rules.

The CE (Conformité Européene – European Conformity) Mark has been utilised across many industries to demonstrate that their products reach European Standards since 1993. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the products were manufactured in the EU (although Metrotile roofing profiles and accessories are), but it does mean they have been subjected to testing against EU standards before going on sale. A CE Mark is a manufacturer’s declaration that their products reach essential requirements and standards in regards to Product Directives  as well as health, safety  and environmental legislation.

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Systems are manufactured at our ISO14001 accredited plant in Tongerun, Belgium. Each of our profile has a CE declaration that you can download in PDF format from the right hand side of this page. For more information about the CE Mark, you can visit the UK Government website: gov.uk https://www.gov.uk/ce-marking If you need any further information regarding Metrotile’s CE certification, you can contact us.