Flat to Pitch Technical Guide - Metrotile Knowledgebase

Lightweight Low Pitch Roof Tiles for Flat to Pitch Roofing Conversions

Whether you’re a construction company or a home- owner, Metrotile has consistently proven to be the roofing supplier of choice for low pitch roof tiles. Our lightweight roofing can be installed to a pitch as low as 10 degrees which means it’s often specified for flat to pitch roofing conversions, and has been success- fully installed on a wide range of these projects. A Metrotile profile is seven times lighter than traditional roof tiles, making flat to pitch roofing conversions safer and simpler, allowing for easy transportation around the construction site. Hoisting a large volume of Metrotile profiles to a rooftop is much easier, for swift application over the formerly-flat roof’s newly built rafters.

Download our new Flat to Pitch Conversion Technical Guide below and of course if you have any further queries regarding Metrotile Lightweight Roofing’s products and services please contact us.